Monday, 10 October 2016

Why did I join Stampin' Up!?

Why did I join Stampin' Up!?  Now that's a question...

I've always been a crafter.  As a child, I was always making things, whether it was something my Nan taught me, such as knitting or sewing, or making candles from one of the many Get Set kits I received as gifts, down to drawing Christmas cards for the school's annual Christmas Card Competition.  I was always crafting in some way or another.

I think it was winning the Christmas Card Competition that set me more down the line of card making, than anything else.  Scrapbooking didn't really interest me.  Yes, there are loads of beautiful 12x12 papers around, but I have always preferred to cut them up and use them as background papers in my cards, or using elements in toppers. 

After the birth of my son, some 10 years ago, I heard of a similar company to Stampin' Up!, called PartiCraft, and joined them as a Demonstrator, but for various reasons, the timing just wasn't right.  I kept in touch with one of the PartiCraft ladies, my trainer/upline, and we became good friends.  Moving on a few years, and my trainer/upline had moved on to Stampin' Up!, and this was my introduction to what has become a bit of an addiction for me.

I eventually bit the bullet and joined Stampin' Up! as a hobbyist in 2015, with the dream of eventually making a living out of my hobby, but being pregnant when I joined, that wouldn't be happening any time soon.  I'd forgotten just how much of your time a baby (and now toddler) consumes, so although I don't get to craft as often as I'd like at the moment, I'm still drawn to all of the gorgeous stamps and papers contained in each and every Stampin' Up! catalogue, to the point that I'm running out of space to store it all. 

When I do get a chance to craft, its not normally for long, as my little miss is still in my bedroom (where my crafting corner is also located - I cant wait to finally move house), so although I may have all of the best intentions in the world to create many beautiful things, at present I seem to have a growing pile of WIPs (or Work In Progress).  But babies aren't babies for long, and I intend to enjoy every moment of my little miss being at home, being with her and sharing in all of her first's, as I did with my son.  Maybe when we move and she has her own room, or when she starts pre-school, I'll have more time to craft and work on that dream, but for the meantime, its Mummy time.

Thanks for reading xx